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Local conservationists celebrate Pollinator Week

Moultrie News By Judy Dunbar Just as a butterfly is known for its metamorphosis from an egg, to a caterpillar, to a pupa and finally emerging as a butterfly, a local garden is being transformed into its next stage. In 2012, East Cooper Land Trust partnered with several local groups and individuals to create a […]

Farm supper raises funds for land conservation

Moultrie News

Fall in the Lowcountry is the perfect time to…
October 11, 2018/by ECLT

East Cooper Land Trust hosts third “Butterfly Fling”

Moultrie News

This Saturday, September 22nd, the public is…
September 19, 2018/by ECLT

After racially tinged dispute, tug of war over Mount Pleasant park site resolved

Post and Courier
MOUNT PLEASANT — More than a year after…
August 14, 2018/by ECLT

Scanlonville Park to be Conserved this Friday

Moultrie News
This Friday, East Cooper Land Trust will transfer…
August 9, 2018/by ECLT

Mount Pleasant developer to buy one of Shem Creek’s last shrimping docks

Moultrie News
By Sully Witte

Brett Elrod of Mount Pleasant…
August 1, 2018/by ECLT

Mount Pleasant developer to buy one of Shem Creek’s last shrimping docks

Post and Courier
By Bo Peterson

August 1, 2018/by ECLT

As Charleston land is lost to development, a family finds a way to farm. It isn’t easy.

Post and Courier
By Hannah Alani
August 1, 2018/by ECLT

EC Land Trust raising money to buy shrimp dock

Moultrie News
By Sully Witte
The East Cooper Land Trust is…
July 26, 2018/by ECLT

Commentary: Turn “Save Shem Creek” slogan into action

Post and Courier
By Cheryll Woods-Flowers

Mount Pleasant…
July 25, 2018/by ECLT

East Cooper Land Trust raising funds to preserve Shem Creek shrimp dock

Count on 2 NEWS By Libba Holland

July 24, 2018/by ECLT

OpEd – Wando Dock – Public Benefit vs. Private Use

Moultrie News
by Catherine Main
I thought there was total community…
July 23, 2018/by ECLT

Many pushing to save Shem Creek shrimpers

by Caroline Balchunas
July 20, 2018/by ECLT

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