East Cooper Land Trust presents new mapping app to Mayors Council on Land Conservation

Moultrie News

As the communities east of the Cooper continue to grow, natural areas are lost daily to development, animal habitats are disturbed, and water quality is deteriorating.

East Cooper Land Trust is seeking to address those issues, and the nonprofit has created an online mapping app that identifies the location and habitat quality of East Cooper’s natural assets. It also features an inventory of trails, parks, and recreational and tourism destinations. The organization uses the app to prioritize areas that should be permanently protected, and municipal planning staff can use it when making land-use decisions.

The project that created the app aligns with ESRI’s National Green Infrastructure Initiative, which was featured in National Geographic’s December 2016 issue.

The app was presented to the mayors and staff of each of East Cooper’s municipalities at the 3rd annual Mayors Council on Land Conservation on Tuesday, April 4 at Sullivan’s Island Town Hall.

Source: Moultrie News