Thornhill Farms Preserved Forever

We are pleased to announce that we have protected Thornhill Farms...forever. We are very thankful for the funding we received from the Charleston County Greenbelt Program and the South Carolina Conservation Bank.  Thornhill Farms is a beautiful 94-acre piece of farmland just north of McClellanville on Highway 17. 

By preserving Thornhill Farms as a working and teaching farm, local farmers will have new opportunities to learn how to make their farms profitable and sustainable. When farms are profitable and farming is valued, it decreases the threat of losing other farms to incompatible development. 

We are in discussion with Clemson University as a potential managing partner and look forward to the future of this beautiful farm! We have placed a conservation easement on the property to ensure that no further subdivisions or other alterations are made that could devalue the ecological integrity of the farm. The East Cooper Land Trust will maintain an on-site presence to better serve Charleston County farmers and rural residents east of the Cooper River, resulting in the conservation of more land. 

The purchase and protection of Thornhill Farms represents a significant leap toward realizing ECLT's vision of leading the most important and ambitious conservation effort for the East Cooper area.  Such progress is made possible by the leadership of an engaged Board of Directors and the generous donors whose annual support gives us the financial ability to pursue our vision and mission.