Sullivan's Island Marsh View Preserved

The Town of Sullivan’s Island and the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy (MPLC) held an exciting signing ceremony on Wednesday.  Sullivan’s Island Town Council unanimously approved and ratified an ordinance on May 15th that will place permanent protections on two undeveloped marsh-side properties owned by the Town.  The Town has partnered with the MPLC to spare these properties from development while preserving their aesthetic, educational, ecological and environmental value for public use and enjoyment.  John Girault, Executive Director of the MPLC stated “this agreement marks the culmination of a nearly 3 year process.  Thanks to the concern many Sullivan’s Island residents had for the protection of these important properties and the foresight of the Mayor and Town Council members, the MPLC is honored to collaborate in the leaving a legacy of permanent protection on these extraordinary sights that will keep the community connected to the natural world that surrounds them.”
The 3.09-acre property at the marsh end of Station 19 is an open field that is utilized by community members as a green space with access to a tidal creek that meanders out into the Intracoastal Waterway.  The 0.48-acre property just to the south of the marsh end of Station 9 is currently a wooded lot that was once the landing area for the original Pitt Street Bridge that connected Mount Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island until it was replaced by the Ben Sawyer Bridge and dismantled in 1945.

The Mayor of Sullivan’s Island, the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy, local town officials as well as the neighborhood community members came out to commemorate this significant preservation project for the Town of Sullivan’s Island. Sullivan’s Island Town Council member Pat O’Neil was a catalyst for the protective measures and had this to say about the project, “The traditional nomenclature on the Island designates what most folks think of as "the beach" as "the front beach", with the land abutting the marsh and creeks on the other side of the Island was considered "the back beach". We have always provided welcoming access to the "front beach", and with this agreement with the Mt. Pleasant Land Conservancy, we have assured that these two parcels will always permit access to the "back beach".

It is good that the back beach now doesn't have to take a back seat to the front beach!”

A larger community wide celebration of this momentous protective measure is being planned to take place on the “old dump” site later in the summer.