Seeking Thornhill Farms Manager

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Thornhill Farms Manager
East Cooper Land Trust (ECLT) is very excited to announce that we are in process of finding a managing partner for Thornhill Farms in Charleston County near McClellanville, SC. Thornhill Farms is a 94-acre diverse organic farm. The East Cooper Land Trust will maintain ownership of the land. We hold a Conservation Easement on the entire property in perpetuity.

This managing partner would operate and manage a Sustainable Agriculture program based at the farm. They will be good stewards of the land and provide education, outreach, and community support.

In order to allow the opportunity for interested parties to present their program and management concepts for the property, ECLT is submitting this RFQ. Organization and individuals that are interested in partnering with ECLT should submit a letter of interest and business plan to Ms. Catherine Main, Executive Director, East Cooper Land Trust, P.O. Box 2495, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465 by COB, July 20, 2015.

Based on the content of the proposals received, ECLT will rank the respondents and begin negotiations with the top ranked respondent. If those negotiations are successful. ECLT will enter into a lease agreement with this entity. If those negotiations are not successful, negotiations will begin with the next top ranked proposer, and so on. If you have questions about the farm, please contact Catherine Main at catherine(at)eastcooperland.org.

Selection Criteria Thoroughness of Business Plan (20 points max.) Stewardship Plan for Property (20 points max.) Plan Includes a Public Education Component (20 points max.) Previous Experience in Agriculture or other related experience (20 points max.) Proximity to Farm (20 points max.) Selection with be Qualifications Based.

Selection Committee will consist of Executive Director, Development Coordinator, and Land Protection Committee.

Selection Committee will be asked to evaluate submittals and score respondents by a specified date. Respondent with highest score will be contacted by the ED to negotiate a lease. If an agreement on lease terms can't be reached the ED will contact the 2nd ranked respondent and so on, until an agreement is reached. ED will enter into a lease agreement with that respondent.